August 11th, 2013

Anime News: 2012 Anime Heroes and Heroines

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There’s a lot to love about the Japanese animation style known as anime. Fans of anime enjoy watching because of the excellent stories, characters, art, music and voice acting. But fans also crave anime because it often displays a strong hero or heroine. In 2013, new anime series and movies introduced viewers to many new hero characters to love.

One of the most popular heroines of anime in 2012 was Nanami from "Kamisama Kiss." Nanami is a strong young woman who suddenly finds herself thrust (more…)

June 3rd, 2013

Please Be Seated: High School Anime 101

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Please Be Seated: High School Anime 101

An Overview of Anime Creation
Anime originated in Japan in the late ’60s. It was an attempt to combine high form art illustration with entertainment cinema. However, the genre was exclusively popular in Asia without making an impact overseas in America. This dynamic quickly changed from the ’80s onwards and continues to be a dominating cinematic genre in film. In fact, anime is taught in high school and college classes throughout the United States. The early developments of anime consisted of (more…)

March 26th, 2013

Our Favorite High School Anime Titles

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Whether you are still in high school yourself or you simply love the fun and energy of a great high school anime, there are a number that you should make sure that you see.

Fruits Basket focuses on the absurdly sweet Honda Tohru, an orphaned girl who is trying to live and work with a family of people cursed by the Chinese zodiac. When hugged, members of these family turn into animals, and her life with them is all about how she helps them to open up and grow.Check out this link here/tag (more…)

May 28th, 2012

Best Anime Releases Adapted from Manga

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When you think of anime releases that are adaptations from manga, you will first think of Dragon Ball. Many people do not realize that Dragon Ball was one of the first anime series that took the world by storm and became one of the best anime series ever released. Now you will find that there are several anime series that started out as manga and have become simple great shows to watch. Many of the best anime series you will find is Naruto. You will find that this sensually simple story about (more…)

May 27th, 2012

A Modern History of Japanese Animation

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Japanese animation evolved because of World War II. The Japanese initially used anime as a means to spread propaganda and install fear into their Western enemies. The government joined all of the artists and cartoonists together and demanded that they spend their time supporting military advances and help promote national unity. The government banned those who didn’t work for them and gathered the rest to support the war cause by creating comic strips.

After the war, one of Japans newborn artists, Osama Tezuka released New treasure Island, (more…)

May 25th, 2012

Our Top Five Favorite Anime Sidekicks

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It is no secret that Anime is definitely one of the most popular types of entertainment not only where it was created, but throughout the entire world. A great thing about Anime is that there are so many different types that a person can easily find one that they love be it comical, romantic, horror, or even mystery and suspense. However, if there is one thing that is better than Anime itself, it is the sidekicks that the lead characters in Anime have to help them out. It can even be said in some cases that the sidekicks (more…)

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